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The Spinning Disks Illusion

The Spinning Disks Illusion

When sets of disks with tangential greylevel gradients are arranged in concentric circles (see image above, most observers perceive these disks moving around the centre, similar to Kitaoka’s ‘snake illusion’. This motion illusion is enhanced for large-scale and bright images and depends to a large extent to dynamic changes in the stimulus such as elicited by involuntary eye movements or blinks – fixating the centre of the pattern does abolish the illusion, whereas scanning the picture the motion sensation. A reliably effective version of this illusion, which does not require eye movements (i.e. persists when observers fixate the target in the centre of the image), can be generated by modulating the background luminance of the array of disks . This stimulus offers the opportunity of studying this motion illusion – the percept of spinning disks in the absence of any physical displacement – in a highly controlled manner in psychophysical and physiological experiments, because it is not depending on involuntary eye movements or eye blinks. Work in preparation (Zanker 2005) will demonstrate how this illusion can be explained in terms of a two-dimensional motion detector network

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Sexy girl and hidden animal illusion | Animal, women and tree optical illusion

No wonder why people (specially guys) can't stare at the sexy girl but don't forget to find the hidden animals in this picture.

Sexy lady and hidden animal illusion

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Hidden body optical illusion | Old man optical illusion

Can you spot the old man in this picture? there are several human bodies combined to create the picture of an old man. let me know how many find them.

Hidden body optical illusion

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Misplaced ad look funny | Unexpected result on ads banner

This is not an illusion but the ads were misplaced and it gives unexpected result in funny way

Misplaced ad look funny

Misplaced ad look funny

Misplaced ad look funny

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Painted Shadow Illusion | Shadow watering flower illusion

In the picture below you can see two guy watering the flower, in fact there is no one but a shadow look like painting who is actually watering the flower

Painted Shadow Illusion

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Full body tattoo t-shirt optical illusion | Fuuny t-shirt tattoo illusion

This is might make one confuse very easily. Sleeves Tattoo Clothing gives you the realistic illusion of tattoos!

full body tattoo t-shirt optical illusion

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Rocket launching optical illusions

This image is again an example of moving illusion in which the whole picture is still but it gives an impression that the rocket is moving in upward direction

rocket launching optical illusions

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Three faces optical illusion | Spot the gender optical illusion

Spot the person in this picture, is it male or female or both are shown in the picture below?

Three faces optical illusion

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Painting illusion | Car optical illusion

A car coming out of the pool of water. This is a really amazing painting made by the artist and it gives look of a real picture

Painting illusion | Car optical illusion

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Skeleton designed tattoo in ear

Ear tattoos are becoming a popular trend, especially with women today since you can cover them if you have long hair and there just isn't a huge area to be worked on so it is a pretty fast process compared to other areas of the body

Skeleton designed tattoo in ear

Spider Dragon tattoo

honey bee tattoo

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King and Queen illusion | Double face optical illusion

What do you see a male face or a female face?

Double face optical illusion

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